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We're not just bringing back the good times, we're shaping the future of radio!


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Learn more about the rich history of WIXY 1260 at our sister site, WIXY1260.com

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Our Sister Station plays the best variety of the 80's, 90's and some eXtra!

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Welcome to the resurrection of a legendary Top 40 A.M. radio station, WIXY1260! We're playing the best variety of the 60's and 70's! (With some 50's too!)

From 1965 to 1976, WIXY 1260 AM was an incredible force in the Cleveland, Ohio, radio market, and has never been forgotten. Now, two WIXY fans from Cleveland have given WIXY 1260 new life...on the Internet (along with a great set of staff members, all of whom do this voluntarily). WIXY1260 Online has been active since October, 2011, and offers the same high-energy music and fast pace that made the original WIXY a legend in the annals of Top 40 Radio! We have programmed the top hits and local favorites that were played on WIXY, many available in stereo for the first time, and you can hear them in high quality 24/7/365 on your computer, smartphone, iPod, PlayStation, internet radio player, Roku player, Apple TV or tablet pc.

We regularly conduct surveys and solicit feedback via our website in an effort to make WIXY1260Online the best it can be. Naturally, the feedback was from both those who believe we should do things exactly as WIXY did, and from those who realize that times have changed, and listening to the same stuff repeatedly becomes boring. To take advantage of modern technologies and keep WIXY1260Online fresh, we have added to the depth of our collection by creating new jingles and promos as if the station were still in existence. We honor the original format as practically possible while observing modern listening trends.

To further honor the feedback, we have launched WIXZ1360Online. WIXZ 1360 AM was WIXY 1260's sister station, based in McKeepsort, PA. To utilize this relationship in a new way, we've moved all newer music (1980 and later) to our sister station at www.wixz1360online.com. At this point, we have over 5,000 songs in our combined playlist (compared to the over-the-air radio industry average of 300 songs), so boring and repetitive is out of the question. With this many songs and listening options, combined with our commitment to minimal on-air advertising, we truly believe at WIXY1260Online and WIXZ1360Online, "The Future of Radio is Now!"

Over the past few years, we have been fortunate enough to develop a strong listening audience and we thank all of our listeners for tuning in! As great as the original WIXY 1260 AM, we feel the best way to move forward is to match the original WIXY spirit with today's level of professionalism. We will continue to "Honor the Past, Respect the Present and Plan for the Future." Thanks to the help of some of WIXY's original jocks, our fans and, of course, our devoted staff, we think we have accomplished that goal. It's an on-going process, so stay tuned and Keep On Truckin'!

Thanks For Listening!
Gary, Ray & Crew

Without the following people this project would not be possible!

Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, all experts in their respective fields (many of whom are radio veterans), we are pioneering the Future of Radio and making it the way it was meant to be - fun and non-pretentious. WIXY1260Online is playing the best variety of the 60's and 70's (anywhere on the planet)!

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Management & Staff
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Contributors & Special Guests


Please consider helping out  WIXY Superman Dave Alan - he  is in need of donations for kidney replacement surgery.  We thank you for your consideration!

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Regardless of position or background, our team members are expected to adhere to a strong, yet fair set of guidelines and principles. Our goal is to have a fun yet responsible environment where all can be encouraged to succeed and work in harmony, free of prejudices or acrimony of any kind. We welcome talent of any skill level and will work to place persons in a position best suited to their skills, and, our team members are all expected to work together to elevate the success and image of the team and the station as a whole.

All team members must live in or near the Cleveland, Ohio, area and have a reliable form of transportation and communication tool (phone, e-mail, Facebook, etc.) Likewise, our team members will be trained to be technologically savvy so as to be able to help us in our mission of ushering in the next generation of Radio.

Our success lies in our team's cohesion and conduct; our team members are professionals in their fields and maintain this standard at WIXY1260Online as outlined in our 5-5-2014 Press Release: [HERE]

We believe in delivering an honest and valuable sales product to our customers that is based on actual quantifiable statistics which are not colored to give false impressions and not truly able to benefit either party. WIXY 1260 did things differently, and they were very successful as a result - we intend to do the same. We pride ourselves on our honesty, clarity and no non-sense approach to our on air products, our internal and external interactions and our sales.

The Sales Assistant will work with our Sales Manager and Station Management to develop streams of revenue, inlcuding, but not limited to: website advertising sales, traditional radio spots sales and event sales. They will also strategize to deliver and create business relationships that benefit both the station and the customer in an honest, down to earth, no smoke & mirrors approach.  A modest amount of compensation may be involved.

WIXY1260Online is working to appear live at venues across the area. As such opportunities occur, we will need assistance with location setup, guest interaction and demonstration/promotion of the ‘new way’ to listen to radio. Duties may include setting up promotional displays, banners, decorating, connecting engineering equipment, reporting site issues to Management, site security and safety, assembly and distribution of promotional materials and prize packets. Lifting heavy items may be necessary and reliable transportation is required.

We are currently looking to add new DJs to our team. Do you have excitement and passion for the music of the golden WIXY Era (60's & 70's rock/pop chart toppers)? If you have a desire to be a part of a fun team of DJs who enjoy what they're doing yet can be professional and follow guidelines and station format, then you might be just what we're looking for!  

Volunteer for as few as 4 hours per month as a Special Guest DJ or Substitute DJ. These slots are generally reserved for known local talent and professionals, but may be adjusted as practical.

Are you interested in volunteering and developing your radio production skills?  Whatever your time permits, we are seeking responsive and capable Production Assistants to help produce jingles, spots, promos and the like.

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