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Our Fans Rock!

"My Father & his partners founded WIXY 1260 and I wanted to personally thank you for resurrecting the original WIXY 1260!!!!! My father would've loved that people enjoyed it enough to recreate it almost 50 years later. He passed away last March. I grew up on WIXY 1260,WIXZ 1360 and all of their promotions including The Beatles at the old Stadium. For almost 50 years, I have been talking about Chickenman!!! (He's everywhere, he's everywhere!!) It's nice to enjoy a resurrection of a huge piece of my life!! Keep on Truckin'!"

Nancy Zingale
Daughter of Joe Zingale, an original WIXY 1260 Owner

"I first learned of WIXY in searching out Jack Armstrong online and I have watched all of the DJ videos of the 1988 reunion. Jack’s video is a classic and one I have promoted to many of my friends and on my high school website. Believe it or not, I do remember him when he was at CHUM 1050 in Toronto. I believe it was in 1968. I also listened to him on WKBW 1520 in Buffalo after that – truly one of the best of the classic stations available from the Toronto area.

Within the last month or so I found WIXY online through the Golden Oldies section of ITunes and have listened many, many times. So glad you are listed there.

My congratulations to all of the people who ‘work’ at WIXY 1260 online for their love of rock ‘n’ roll. You all seem to be having such a great time."

Lawrie L.
Kelonwa, British Columbia, Canada

"I took 8 friends and myself to the Sock Hop on the Goodtime III last night. We had the best time and can't wait to do it again. The staff, the music, everything was AMAZING.
Thank you for providing this great station and all the great music. You've got a bunch of new listeners now."

Gerri A.
Willowick, OH

"I'm excited about WIXY being on the air. It was the only station I listened to back in the day! Apparently my nephew has given some tapes from the old radio station that my brother had and now my nephew has been on the air!"

Cheryl K.
Rockport, TX

"Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying this station! It's a lot of fun to go waaaaayyyyy back and remember the days when I listened to WIXY on my transistor radio (yes, I'm really that old!) You guys were the stuff summer memories were made on. Keep up the great work!!!!"

Cleveland, OH

"Your huge mix is just what I love. It's like taking 3000 45's and popping them on the record player!!! I love that sometimes I might hear Ray Charles followed by Led Zepplin!! This station is NEVER boring. (As opposed to the Tom Kent radio network) . Kudos as well to answering the phone"

Dan N.
Geneva, OH