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We want to play your favorite WIXY era songs!

Song requests are accepted during live shows, though we must wait one hour before we can legally play them.

WIXY1260Online AAC Stream Player

HE AAC+ Stream

Our most popular, highest quality stream - works on Computers, Laptops and Sony Playstation.
(requires Flashplayer)*
WIXY1260Online MP3 Stream Player

MP3 Stream

Works on Computers, Laptops and Sony Playstation. (Works with Opera & Chrome browsers with Flashplayer enabled).
(requires Flashplayer)*
WIXY1260Online Android App

WIXY1260Online Android App

Free Mobile App for listening on your Android Smartphone or Tablet.
WIXY1260Online Apple App

WIXY1260Online Apple App

Free Mobile App for listening on your Apple iPhone or iPad.
WIXY1260Online Listening Instructions

Listening Instructions

Listening on a variety of devices, at home or on the go, is as easy as reading our Listening Instructions.
WIXY Winner's Circle

Summer of Love

Tell us your favorite songs from 1967 and win lovely prizes!


-If one stream is not responding, it may be full, please try another option.

-If a stream doesn't work for you on our website it could be due to a slow internet connection, low computer memory or outdated software - please go to our Support page for info on our current streams status or to request assistance. 

-*FlashPlayer requires regular updating, so to listen on your computer, please make sure you're using the latest version found here. (Known listening issues with Adobe Flash & Internet Explorer are discussed here.) (>Adobe Flash Update Instructions.)

--NO FLASHPLAYER? Listen on your computer through StreamLicensing without Flashplayer by using a listening app like Windows Media Player, WinAmp, iTunes, QuickTime or Real Player. Look for the block on the HE AAC+ or MP3 Player Launch Page which offers links to these external media players.

-Our High Efficiency AAC stream uses very little smartphone data (using the WIXY1260Online or Tune-In Radio mobile apps), important when you’re not on a wi-fi network. (We use far less data than other streaming radio services and mp3 streaming services!)

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